The Post Office Recurring Deposit Account

The Post Office Recurring Deposit Account is a government-certified scheme where you can deposit a small amount in installments. It also gives you better interest rates. The advantages of this scheme are that the minimum amount can be less than Rs 100 to make…

How to Plan Your Retirement?

In life, there is nothing infinite in this world. Everything that comes will definitely go away. That’s why it’s best to put our foot forward and save more for the future. A good thing to start with is having a retirement plan.

Others wait long before they decide to plan…

Ten Interesting Facts About Indian Rupees / Currency

Ten Interesting Facts About Indian Rupees / Currency

1. First paper money — The process of issuing paper money began in the 18th century. Private banks such as Bank of Hindustan, Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay, and Madras Bank were among the first to print paper money.

2. Rupees…

01 January 2021 — New Year’s Day — Friday

09 January 2021–2nd Saturday

14 January 2021 — Pongal — Thursday

23 January 2021–4th Saturday

26 January 2021 — Republic Day — Tuesday

13 February 2021–2nd Saturday

16 February 2021- Vasant Panchami — Tuesday

27 February 2021–4th Saturday

11 March 2021…

Internet banking, also known as online banking or e-banking, or Net Banking is a facility that offers banks and financial institutions that allow customers to use online banking services. Customers do not need to visit their bank branch office to receive individual services. Not all account holders have access to…

One of the great secrets of the richest people is simply their ability to save money. Wealthy people not only think differently but also act differently. Most of the time they save up to 70% of their income at an early age. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a…

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

An automated teller machine (ATM) is an electronic banking system that allows customers to complete basic transactions without the assistance of a branch representative or informant. Anyone with a credit card or credit card can get cash at most ATMs.

Check Pincode finder tool

ATMs are simple, allowing customers to…

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